Family 2 Family Incentive

Family 2 Family Incentive: Common Questions- Do I Qualify?

Family 2 Family Summer Incentive

Any family enrolled in a Diocesan Catholic school that refers a new family to ANY of our 17 DIOCESAN Catholic schools will receive a $500 incentive, and the referred family will also receive $500 if the family enrolls between July 1 and Sept 1, 2022. See below for more details.

Families will complete 1 of 2 forms. Either:

  1. I referred a family OR
  2. I was referred by a family
Referral/Referee names on the forms must match each other in order to qualify. That form will be submitted to the CSO for validation in September.

Common Questions:

  • What about 1-sided referrals or Alumni referrals? No, in order to qualify a family must be currently enrolled and seeking to enroll and both parties must reference each other.
  • Is there a limit on the number of referrals a family can do? No.
  • The referred family must be new to Catholic schools in NH
  • Referral/Referee names on the forms must match in order to qualify
  • This incentive can be in addition to a school's own referral incentive, so long as the family has referred someone to their own school.
  • How will this be paid out? It is a tuition credit, so the family must enroll between July 1 and Sept 1 2022. It will be directly applied to their account (if the family has multiple children, the credit will be posted on one child's account), or they can choose to donate it back to the school. If there is a credit on a family's account at the end of the year, the family will get a refund or a credit to their account for the next school year.
  • How will my referral be validated? The CSO will confirm enrollment status with each school in September.
  • Referral incentive is paid out per family, not per student.
  • Newly enrolled families that were referred can then go and refer another family and get the incentive.

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