Diocese of Manchester Catholic Schools

Statement on Parental Partnership in Education

Parents are the primary educators of their children; this is an essential tenet of the Catholic faith1. We, the teachers
and administrators of the Diocese of Manchester, consider it our privilege to work alongside you in the education
and formation of our Catholic school students.

When you choose to partner with our Catholic schools, we both commit to a collaboration of
effort and good will, opening the door to a world of goodness, truth and beauty. Your child will experience the transformative
effect of God's love in his or her life, and you will be amazed at the ways it touches others, both in and outside of school.

Parents have both the right and duty to act as role models - physically, mentally, and spiritually
- and a good example is the strongest teacher. Your personal relationship with God and your active
involvement in the school community will influence the ways in which your child relates to God and
others. It will enhance their education and create the next generation of societal leaders. The Catholic
values and Christian behavior taught in our schools will take root in your child if they are also
demonstrated at home. The Diocese of Manchester Catholic Schools will provide resources throughout
the year, which will seek to support and affirm your responsibility as the first educator of your child.

In our schools, we gladly welcome students of all faiths, at all stages along the journey to faith,
and we need parents to support us according to our mission. Catholic schools will continue to be
transparent about expectations, curriculum, and every aspect of our committed partnership. Students
may not "opt out" of religion class, Mass, rosary, or any other of the Catholic practices that distinguish
our Catholic schools from their secular counterparts. It is for the benefit of every child, in a true spirit of
evangelization, that devotions are taught and required for all students.

During their formative years, your child needs constant support at home as well as at school to
develop his or her moral, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical endowment. Parents and teachers
must trust the sincerity of the efforts of their educational partner in the quest to nurture and challenge
each student to reach his or her potential. We follow the Catholic principle of subsidiarity; that is,
concerns should always be brought, first, to the staff member, teacher, or administrator that the parent
has the concern with. It is vital that both parents and teachers model respect. Open and two-way
communications between family and school are foundational to your child's growth and

Students are naturally eager to grow and learn. Sometimes, in the process of maturation, new
interests may cause them to lose focus. As this natural process occurs, the student needs both
understanding and structure. At times, your child may perceive structure as restrictive. However, we
believe appropriate boundaries and limits provide children with much needed guidance and security. It
also provides the best learning environment, where everyone can learn free from distraction. As a
partner, we will work alongside you, to uplift you in your role as primary educator, while creating an
atmosphere where students can best be readied to achieve academic and personal success.

Nothing is more important, or more beautiful, than the task of forming knowledgeable, kind,
effective and moral citizens of tomorrow. We are honored to have earned your trust, encouraged by your
strong commitment, and we look forward to working alongside you.

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